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    2. Business Area

      An Introduction to Jinan Sijian Group Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

      Jinan Sijian Group Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sijian Real Estate), founded in 1993 is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jinan Sijian Construction Group Co., Ltd.. The registered capital is 50 million yuan. With a Level-A Qualification of Real Estate Development Enterprises, Sijian Real Estate specializes in real estate development and management. Besides, it has a wholly owned subsidiary-- Jinan Wansheng Property Management Co., Ltd.

      In the last 25 years, Sijian Real Estate has successfully developed quite a few high-quality residential districts such as Wansheng Yuan, Spring Hua Yuan, Quancheng Hua Yuan, Huai Hua Yuan, Meilin Yuan, Meilin Building, Jinhai Hua Yuan, Meilin Hua Yuan, Meilin Ya Yuan and Jinhai Fu Yuan relying on the advanced construction management experience and excellent engineering quality advantages of Jinan Sijian Group and adhering to the enterprise culture idea of quality construction, culture construction, life construction and future construction and implementing the development and operation model of independent development, independent construction and independent service. Among these high-quality residential districts, Meilin Building has been honored with the Guangsha Award--Top Award for China's Real Estate Industry, the China Construction Engineering Decoration Award and the Taishan Cup which is the Top Award for Shandong Construction Engineering Quality. Spring Hua Yuan, Quancheng Hua Yuan and Jinhai Hua Yuan have been awarded the Quancheng Cup, the highest award for Jinan Construction Quality. The company's brand influence and market reputation have been steadily enhanced thereby making a popular saying of Sijian Real Estate creating a warm home in Jinan.

      The development of Sijian Real Estate is a process full of not only hard work and harvest but also many honors. Sijian Real Estate has been granted such honorary titles as Top 50 Real Estate Enterprises in Shandong Province, the Advanced Unit of Comprehensive Benefits in Real Estate Development in Shandong Province, Top 10 Real Estate Development Enterprises in Jinan, the Enterprise with AAA Banking Credit Qualification in Jinan, the Enterprise Loyally Abiding by Contracts and Credits in Jinan, the Most Trustworthy Real Estate Enterprise by Citizens in Jinan. Continuously it has been awarded the honors of Youth Civilization Unit of Construction System in Shandong Province, the Pioneer Worker of Shandong Federation of Trade Unions, Jinan May Day Labor Certificate of Merit, Jinan Advanced Party Branch, Jinan May 4th Red Flag Youth League Branch and the Enterprise of Charity Donations in Jiyang County. In May 2017, Sijian Real Estate was awarded National Youth Civilization by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League.

      Sijian Real Estate holds hands with the times and walks into the future. In the past 20 years, the development course of Sijian Real Estate has been a course to rise abruptly based on its accumulated strength, to strive to make achievements, to exhale the old and inhale the new and to advance with the times. Having committed to building a humanistic community and a century-old brand, Sijian Real Estate people are seeking for professionalism by concentration and increasing the efficiency by standards. The President Mr Cao Xiaoyan, the General Manager Mr Xu Hongtao and all the staff of Sijian Real Estate sincerely welcome friends from all sectors of society for the better enterprise development and glorious future.

      ——Contact Us——
      ADD: 22nd and 23rd Floors, West Block of Meilin Building, No. 48-15, Wuyingshan Middle Road, Jinan, Shandong Province
      Post Code: 250021
      Contact Number (Fax): 0531—85919766
      E-mail: jnsjdc@163.com

      PPP (Public-Private-Partnership) model refers to a kind of cooperative relationship formed between the government and private organizations on the basis of concession agreement in order to provide some public goods and services. PPP model  clarifies the rights and obligations of both sides by signing the contract and ensures the smooth completion of cooperation so that each party can achieve more favourable results than expected individual actions.

      PPP model is of great significance to deepen the reform of investment and financing circulation system and to stimulate the vitality of private investment and to improve the efficiency of supplying public products and services and to expand effective investment. Nowadays the promotion and implementation of PPP model have been very popular and have made positive progress from the central to the local governments, from the governments to the enterprises.

      The PPP project of Jihuangshan Community Health Service Center in Zouping Maternal and Child Care Service Center awarded to our company in 2017 is governed by a joint venture company founded by our company and Zouping Urbanization Construction Development Co., Ltd. which was a funded institution designated by the government. The term of cooperation for this project is 10 years, including 2 years of construction period and 8 years of maintenance period.

      The total investment for this project is 161.9 million yuan. The overall floorage  is 26415.9 m2 with one floor of basement, three floors of podium and nine floors of main building. Frame structure for the podium, the total height of structure is 13.95 M. Frame-shear structure for the main building , the total height of structure is 35.85 M. The expected life of this service center is 50 years. The seismic fortification is of B-Class. The building area of civil air defense in the basement is 1945.18 m2. The hiding-place for personnel is of B-Class in the wartime.

      This is an important livelihood project in Zouping. It is the first PPP project awarded to Jinan Sijian Group as the capital party, a major measure for the group company to invest in the public services and broaden the enterprise development space and the concentrated reflection of company's strength.

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